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Dental Implant Treatment in Downtown Tampa


Patients with missing or failing teeth have several options available to fill the gaps in their smile. While most provide renewed aesthetics, few options benefit function and overall health as much as undergoing dental implant placement.

At Ferrara Dental, Dr. Leslie Ferrara and Dr. Maria A. Upshaw have both received dental implants, so they have a personal understanding of this life-changing treatment. Our staff, along with our network of trusted specialists use the highest quality material and take a gentle approach when performing the dental implant procedure. Call our practice in downtown Tampa today for an appointment.

What are Dental Implants?Ferrara Dental provides dental implants for patients in Tampa, FL

A dental implant is a titanium post placed beneath the gum line that acts in place of the natural tooth root. This surgical procedure allows patients to secure and stabilize their restoration, while also providing the proper stimulation to jaw tissue. The post’s presence in the jaw minimizes resorption, a process where bone volume starts to diminish.

Once placed in the site of the missing tooth, the post fuses to the jaw bone, and once fully healed, can have a restoration permanently mounted to it. The post prevents your restoration from slipping or shifting out of place, negating the need for messy adhesives or bulky clasps.

Helping You Map Out a Beneficial Treatment Plan

When you visit Ferrara Dental for implant treatment, we take the time to understand your goals and concerns so we can create an effective care plan. We help you coordinate appointments with our local placement specialist, who will meet our office’s standards of excellence. Our surgical expert places the proven Straumann implant posts with a gentle approach. 

Once the jaw has healed, the procedure is completed by affixing a crown or bridge in the place of missing teeth. The entire process is handled in just a few appointments over time, leaving patients with a permanent and healthy smile. We utilize a highly reputable local laboratory to custom craft your crown, bridge, or denture. Our prosthetics are designed with high-quality materials such as acrylic, porcelain, or zirconia.

Not everyone is a viable candidate for this restorative process. Dental implants require ample healthy tissue for osseointegration to occur. Those without adequate jaw tissue can undergo a bone grafting procedure, which will increase your chances for successful treatment.

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Dr. Ferrara, Dr. Upshaw, and our dedicated team at Ferrara Dental provide quality dental implant treatment to Tampa, Harbour Island, Davis Island, and Channelside. If you are interested in undergoing this beneficial restorative procedure, call us today to set up an appointment.

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