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Develop Brighter Smiles in Downtown Tampa


For many, looking their best helps them feel their best. Having a bright, white smile is often one of the most beneficial ways to get closer to that goal. Ferrara Dental offers teeth whitening to downtown Tampa, Harbour Island, Davis Island, Channelside, and all surrounding communities.

In-Office Chairside Whitening Professional Teeth Whitening in Tampa, FL from Ferrara Dental

We can provide chairside teeth whitening throughout the year. Zoom!® offers a drastically brighter smile within a single ninety-minute appointment. We also provide specials throughout the year, so you can affordably improve your appearance in time for your next major life event.

The reason that the teeth can be whitened so effectively is that you have a dedicated dental professional applying the whitening agent, according to specific guidelines. Our clinical team makes sure the gel maintains accurate contact with the teeth, lifting discoloring stains from the enamel. 

Take Home Whitening from your Tampa Dentist

We offer both Zoom! and Opalescence® treatments that you can conveniently take home. Both options come with an application tray customized to fit your smile. For a set amount of time each day, you can wear the trays and work on brightening your teeth while going about your daily activities. While the whitening effects are not as fast as chairside whitening, take-home whitening trays achieve the same whitening results over a two week period of daily whitening. This may be a better option for patients who suffer from sensitivity, as the gel comes in different strengths. Custom take-home trays are also an excellent option for patients who have undergone chairside whitening and want to do touch-ups periodically to maintain a bright white smile. 

In addition to convenience and long-lasting results, take-home treatments are advantageous because of the customized trays. The fact that the trays fit your smile precisely means that your whitening gel only stays on the teeth. This makes for a more comfortable experience, as you won’t gag or have irritated gums. 

Other Steps to Keeping Smiles Bright

Teeth stains often result from personal habits. The foods and drinks we consume may be darkly pigmented, causing their particles to stick to the teeth. Additionally, not brushing and flossing properly allows the stains to accumulate further.

A significant portion of the whitening care Ferrara Dental offers is patient education on maintaining the brightness of the smile. The doctors and staff show you how to brush and floss properly so you can prevent excessive stain buildup. They will instruct you on what foods and drinks you can have that minimize your exposure to these stains. In these regards and others, Dr. Ferrara, Dr. Upshaw and team make sure that your smile stays beautiful between treatments and appointments.

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Ferrara Dental provides teeth whitening in the Tampa community and to all nearby areas. Drs. Ferrara and Upshaw and staff help patients feel more confident through a brighter healthier, more beautiful smile. For more information about our various aesthetic dental treatments, call our practice and schedule a cosmetic dental appointment today!

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